Be a Member

What Membership Means

Being a member is your way of saying, "I’m committed to Parkside Church Westside, and I need and want your prayers and your help in becoming a committed follower of Jesus Christ.” In turn, membership allows our church leaders to express their commitment to lead you, love you, and look after you as ones who will have to attest to our leadership.

When we commit ourselves to one another in this way, membership isn't meaningless—it really matters. We experience the privileges and responsibilities that we have to help one another live and grow in Christ. Our church members, by God's help, seek to grow in and live according to the following church membership commitments:

  • Uphold the Parkside Church Westside Constitution and Statement of Faith
  • Read the Bible and Pray for and with others regularly
  • Attend Parkside Westside regularly and find a place to serve
  • Participate in the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper
  • Reach out purposefully to nonbelievers with the gospel
  • Grow with other believers by intentionally spending time together
  • Use my God-given talents, abilities, and financial resources to help make Christ known
  • Submit to the leadership of our elders and to any necessary church discipline

We invite you to join us to learn more about the process and how church membership is a two-way expression of commitment that changes one's focus from "me" to "we."

Step 1: Membership Class

The first step to becoming a member at Parkside Church Westside, or simply learning more about what we believe, is to attend our membership class:

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Step 2: Membership Form

After completing the membership class, you will be invited to complete and submit a membership form that needs to be completed before your membership interview. 

Step 3: Membership Interview

This is a time for our church leaders to:

  • Get to know you to answer your questions
  • Hear about how you came to saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Help you take the next steps in being a church member.  

For some, this may include pausing to walk with you through concerns that either you or our church leaders may have. This time together provides us the opportunity to affirm an individual’s profession of faith. With God’s help, we also do our best to guard the reputation of the Lord Jesus, as it’s showcased in the church, by sorting out true Christians from the false.

Step 4: Finalizing Membership

After you’ve completed the previous steps, our church leaders review and approve people for membership.  On a regular basis, we welcome new members into our church during a service.