While we continue to be separated physically, let’s be united by our love of Jesus and our love for one another. Consider with us these 4 ways we can continue to be the church even from a distance...


Every Sunday

Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a version of our order of service, with recorded content for you to click on and participate in, including songs, readings, prayers, and a pre-recorded sermonette from Matt. Please make it your plan to "gather" and participate at our usual time, 10 AM.


Order of Service - 4/5/2020

Song - Grace Alone
Song - Ancient of Days
New City Catechism Questions #38 and #39
Prayer - Click here to access guided prayers
Building Tour

Offering for 3/29: $7,976
Weekly Budget: $9,800
Offering YTD: $121,321
Budget YTD: $127,400


Parkside Westside continues to rely on your regular, generous giving to sustain the ongoing ministry of the church, yet the elders realize that these are financially challenging times for many. Together, we pray for God’s wisdom and direction, and trust him to provide for our needs, including those of the church.


Give Online


Or mail a check to the office at:


Parkside Church Westside
Attn: Chris Riegler
15529 Madison Ave, Unit 1
Lakewood, OH 44107

Song - Praise to the Lord
Scripture Reading - Acts 12:1-19

Here are some snapshots from our scattered gathering...


At the 7s

Join in with your family and friends at 7 AM or 7 PM (or both!) for a brief time of prayer. Click the button below for a short Bible reading with a few brief thoughts to consider, along with several guided prayer points to pray through.

Join us At the 7s

Every Day

Because we’re not meeting together physically, caring for one another and staying connected can be a challenge, so it's important for our whole church family to be collectively involved in the work of “one-anothering” and loving our neighbors. With this in mind, we encourage you to take a few minutes every day to call someone. Talk about what you’ve been studying in the Bible, pray together, check in on an older neighbor, ask for a recipe, laugh about something funny that happened to you, or just catch up on life. Why not widen your circle of encouragement and call someone different each day?

Any Time

We are available to you as a leadership team. If you need assistance of any kind, or you would like to come to our office in person, have a phone conversation, meet via video, or even have one of us come to your home, sign up for a time on the calendar below, and one of our elders will contact you. We also want to encourage our church family to be collectively involved in the work of “one-anothering” and loving our neighbors.