Sunday Mornings

We encourage students in grades 6-12 to attend service with their family on Sunday mornings for two reasons. First, we want students to understand that they are part of a whole church, not just a student ministry. Second, we believe that effective student ministry only happens in partnership with families, so we want to do everything we can to help families grow together in Christ.

Sunday Evenings

"The Neighborhood" is what we call our Sunday evening connection for Westside Youth. We meet on most Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm in a local home. We laugh together and study the Bible when we meet. We do our best to make this a welcoming place for students to bring along a friend from school or the neighborhood. 

Questions? Contact Nate Vogel.
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Our Mission

Our mission for student ministry at Parkside Church Westside is to glorify God by coming alongside parents to help students become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe parents play a primary role in the spiritual development of their children, but we want to join together as a team to support, assist, and equip parents through this often challenging process.

What does this look like?

There’s really no magic formula, but we know that spiritual growth and deepened commitment most often happen in the context of relationships and through the teaching of Scripture (think Acts 2:42-47). 

A Home

For obvious practical reasons (i.e., we don’t have permanent space yet), we meet in different homes as a temporary solution. Meeting in a home also provides a more casual and welcoming place for relationships to be forged.

Regular Gatherings & Relationship Building

A student-ministry gathering is not a church service and we encourage students to participate in worship with their families on Sunday mornings.

Our gatherings on Sunday evenings, lasting 1-2 hours, is for both practical and accessibility reasons. We want to see relationships built among students and with their leaders, whether this happens through eating pizza, playing games, or praying and studying the Bible together. Most of all, we want to help students understand what it means to be in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Adult Leadership

Two is better than one; there is strength in numbers (Eccl. 4:9-12). By building an Adult Ministry Team (AMT) of volunteers, we can give more focused attention to students, benefit from a broader spectrum of life experience, and sharpen each other along the way.

Opening the Bible Together

We say it all the time, but it’s worth repeating: We believe that the Word of God has the power to accomplish the work of God. We believe that engaging students with God’s Word is the primary avenue by which they can learn to walk in relationship with Jesus Christ.

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