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Summertime Pulpit Swap

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As many of you may already know, there are four Parkside Church locations in the Northeast Ohio area: Parkside Church in Bainbridge, Parkside Church Green, Parkside Church Lake County, and Parkside Church Westside.

This summer, the lead pastors from each of these locations will spend a Sunday at Parkside Westside while Matt will be at their church for a summertime pulpit swap. Our hope in doing this exchange is to highlight the gospel partnerships that we share together with the other Parkside churches and to give you an opportunity to put together names with faces.

Please help us welcome our friends this summer as they visit Lakewood and Parkside Church Westside. We look forward to having Alistair Begg, the senior pastor at Parkside Church, kick things off on May 15.

Summertime Pulpit Swap Schedule

Alistair Begg, from Bainbridge, in May
Nate Vogel, from Westside, in June
Adam Romans, from Green, in July
Scott Kennedy, from Lake County, in August


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