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The Latest News for July 18, 2021

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Lake Baptisms & Picnic

Join us after the service today (July 18th) for baptisms at Huntington Beach! Please feel free to pick up a paper copy of driving directions in the Welcome Area should you need them. We'll see you there! Please join us in celebrating and praying for the individuals participating in baptisms today: Catrina Mehltretter, Jason Thuener, Mike Dovilla, Jishanty Santos, Jonovan Santos, Ben Anderson, Nic Paoletta, and Annie Paoletta.

Parkside at Prayer

var u575969294="matt"; var h1509518295="";var linktext=u575969294+'@'+h1509518295;h1509518295="";document.write('' + linktext + ''); We'll provide pizza; please bring a side or accompaniment to share.n","m":[{"s":0,"n":"a","v":"justified"},{"s":0,"n":"mb","v":7},{"s":0,"n":"c","v":"#4d4e53ff","e":301},{"s":0,"n":"f","v":"Merriweather","e":300},{"s":0,"n":"s","v":8,"e":300},{"s":0,"n":"fc","v":"Regular","e":301},{"s":0,"n":"fid","v":1010,"e":300},{"s":300,"n":"tt","v":1.2,"e":301},{"s":300,"n":"f","v":"Bebas","e":301},{"s":300,"n":"fid","v":121,"e":301}]}">Parkside at Prayer will be taking place this evening (July 18th) in the lower level. All are invited to join us as we share a meal and pray together. If you're planning to attend, please send an email to Matt at . We'll provide pizza; please bring a side or accompaniment to share.

Volunteers Needed

var u2113257042="lenhar1"; var h744338114="";var linktext=u2113257042+'@'+h744338114;h744338114="";document.write('' + linktext + ''); .n","m":[{"s":0,"n":"a","v":"justified"},{"s":0,"n":"mb","v":7},{"s":0,"n":"c","v":"#4d4e53ff","e":293},{"s":0,"n":"f","v":"Merriweather","e":293},{"s":0,"n":"s","v":8,"e":293},{"s":0,"n":"fc","v":"Regular","e":293},{"s":0,"n":"fid","v":1010,"e":293}]}">Additional volunteers are needed to serve in Children's Ministry to assist with summer coverage. If you are willing and able to help, please fill out the Volunteer Sign-up Form. If you have any questions about Children's Ministry, please contact Lisa Ours at .

Cornhole & Cookout

var u1178549947="hello"; var h399890980="";var linktext=u1178549947+'@'+h399890980;h399890980="";document.write('' + linktext + ''); .n","m":[{"s":0,"n":"a","v":"justified"},{"s":0,"n":"mb","v":7},{"s":0,"n":"c","v":"#4d4e53ff","e":445},{"s":0,"n":"f","v":"Merriweather","e":444},{"s":0,"n":"s","v":8,"e":444},{"s":0,"n":"fc","v":"Regular","e":445},{"s":0,"n":"fid","v":1010,"e":444},{"s":444,"n":"tt","v":1.2,"e":445},{"s":444,"n":"f","v":"Bebas","e":445},{"s":444,"n":"fid","v":121,"e":445}]}">Save the date for a fun family night at Parkside Westside on Friday, July 30th at 6:00pm! We'll spend the evening hanging out, playing yard games, eating together, and there will also be a cornhole tournament for anyone who would like to participate! We'll provide drinks, burgers, and hotdogs and would just ask that you bring a dish to share. Please bring your own seating and if you have a cornhole set you are able to share, please email .

First Steps Bruncheon

New to Parkside Westside or curious about learning more? Join us for a First Steps Bruncheon on August 8th at 10:15am to meet some on our leadership team, learn more about who we are, and ask any questions that you may have. We'll provide a light brunch- all we need is your RSVP!


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