The Lord's Supper Sermons

Apr 07, 2024 | Matt McAlvey

God So Loved that He Gave

In this sermon, we are reminded of the imminent sharing in the Lord's Supper, a sacred act where God's people partake in a meal symbolizing his goodness towards us. As we prepare for this solemn occasion, we take a moment to reflect on the profound words of John 3:16, arguably one of the most famous verses in the Bible. This verse, with its emphasis on God's boundless love and the gift of Jesus, encapsulates the essence of the Christian faith. In embracing the message of John 3:16, we find comfort and assurance in God's unchanging love. Like the "Comfortable Words" in the Book of Common Prayer, these verses remind us of God's merciful invitation to all who turn to Him, inviting us to trust in his abundant mercy and grace.

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