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3+3+3 = Areas of Opportunity
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3 + 3 + 3 = Areas of Opportunity As we welcome in this new year we wanted to talk numbers with you. Don't won't need an app to figure out the answer to this mathematics equation. We just need you. We are looking for 3 people to serve on our set-up team, 3 people in our...

10 Church Planting Proverbs
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Hi Friends, I recently came across this blog post, "Ten Church Planting Proverbs" and immediately saved it in my files so that I could share it with you too. There's much to think about in planting a church and I was provoked to further thought by this collection of modern day...

Parkside at Prayer on Dec. 19
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Everyone is welcome to join us for this hour of prayer. Together we will continue to ask for God's grace as we aim to help people become committed followers of Jesus Christ. Bring a cup of coffee with you or we'll have some brewed up for you. We'll be meeting on our church offices that...